Kennel name "Annie"  

Madie Von Der Schaffenhaus Weg
    A.K.C. Registered  100 % West German
   OFA Good , Schutzhund  III Background
Sire : Uhlan Vom Godinghofer WEG
Dam ; Zoey Vom Godinghofer WEG
Parents from same kennel not related
Annie loves to play very attached to me.
Annie has a job helping with Boot Camp dogs in for training

Zabeen Von Zepeda 

Kennel name ( Zen )

Sire :Pele Von Naisshof

Dam : Branka Von IGO- Nik

100 % European lines

AKC Registerd OFA GOOD

Zen is a very smart girl, Protective , Very loyal.

She loves to play in the water, play ball

I use her to help train the males dogs that come in for training.

Hanna Von Minerd

100 % West German,

AKC registered OFA Good

Gunner Von Der Sandsteinkuste

Dam : Lexi Von Minerd

She is the sweetest girl. Loves to play also enjoys the water.

Willow Von Minerd

East & West German,

AKC Registered OFA Good

Sire: Gunner Von Der Sandsteinkuste

Dam: Remi Von Minerd

Willow love to play, very loyal.

She helps me with a lot of the training dogs.

Loves to go horse riding with me.