Hey, Sharon I thought I'd send some you pictures of King! He stayed very dark, which we love, and I think looks like Remi! He is such a lover and is so loyal and obedient! The best puppy we've ever had, we get so many compliments on his temperament and disposition. 
There is a picture from about a month ago when we took him to Enumclaw to visit our friend's lab puppy. He was very well behaved, especially compared to the lab! :) We ate lunch outside and he just laid next to me taking in his surroundings. It was like he knew exactly what we wanted of him! So smart! I assure you, he would make you very proud! We couldn't be happier!

                                                                                                                               April 12, 2012
I  wanted to share with you that we absolutely adore Cairo – she is the perfect fit for our family. She has a wonderful personality , smart, sweet, curious, and sensitive. I’ve noticed that she likes to watch what is going on – before she fully engages – and then “it’s on”. She graduated “top dog”! (Of course) from her training class. We will be registering her to take agility classes (this is just for fun) – and will keep you posted on her progress.

We have received so many compliments on how beautiful she is.

Again – thank you for letting us adopt Cairo!

Sincerely –

The Turner’sAmpy enjoyed her first trip to the beach! Thought you may want to see what she looks like at 2 1/2 years. Everyone loves her and always says she is such a good dog, which she is of course. She will bring me my slippers after work, get the paper from the driveway, and is extremely loyal. Happy Summer! -Kalisa and Tom

Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to send you a quick email with an update on our puppy from Roxy
and Gunner's litter. We named him "Klaus". He is such a smart boy and so
well-behaved. He is only 11 weeks and already sits and lies down on command. He
was potty trained immediately and has never had one accident in the house! Such
an amazing and handsome pup!! We love him so much!!! Thank you for the amazing
work you did with the pups.  We will keep you updated. Thanks again!!


Robin and JoshHi Sharon,                                                                                                                                                                2/4/13
I'm sure you just get inundated with pics from ecstatic new owners of your pups, so forgive us....we can't help ourselves. Rest assured, we are spamming all of our family and friends as well! Here are pics of Cassidy and Bullet's puppies number 4 (Luna - in red collar) and 5 (Zelda - in blue collar), taken on their 3 month birthday (13 weeks). We are so absolutely delighted, beyond all of our expectations! Our vet is impressed with how strong and healthy they are, our family and friends are amazed by how well socialized they are, and we feel we've already built close, trusting friendships with each puppy. They are very closely bonded with each other, yet also strongly bonded with each of us. House training was a snap - not a single poop accident in the house, and only a couple pee accidents in the early days.
As you can see in the pics, they have quickly learned the property and enjoy racing through our old dog's paths together. They like to talk to the neighbor's Great Danes, and our bunny and llamas in the barn, and then come inside and sleep it all off just to start over again in a couple hours!
You should be very proud of your breeding operation, Sharon. You bring amazing joy into so many people's lives. You give your pups the best possible start in life. We are very very fortunate to have found you. Thanks again - more pics at future milestones!
Kathy May and Lynda

Hi Sharon,

I wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how pleased we are with our pup Henry! He is 6 ½ months already! He has such a good temperament and everyone, including out vet, makes note of that. He has been so easy, he was truly potty trained when we got him and quic kly learned to stand by the door so we could take him out.

In the short time we’ve had him he’s learned so many tricks and has done so well in training. His favorite trick is to “shake”! He gets along well with other dogs and loves people! He is incredibly friendly but very alert around people he doesn’t know and shows his loyalty towards us. His colors are ever changing and he gets more handsome every day!

I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into properly breeding and making these pups such great companions!

I’ve attached a couple of our favorite recent pictures!Thanks again,
Mike and Jessica
A comment about your classified has been submitted. Comment: This is the fourth German Shepherd Dog I have had the pleasure of making part of my family and by far the most even tempered and smartest of all. I love all of them but hands down there is no comparison. My neighbors bought one at the same time from a breeder close by that claimed to sell "pet" dogs and it has not worked out the same. Luckily these folks have taken measures as far as hiring professional trainers and behavior specialists etc... but just keep asking why my dog is so well behaved. All we did was raise him with common sense and us as being the pack leader. He is so awesome. I can't say enough about Sharon's dogs and her breeding philosophy! Thank you so much we love Waylon!!!

Hi Sharon,

We received one of Bullet and Lexi’s pups last year (2012). He was a PERFECT Christmas present. I thought that I picked him but I am now certain he picked us. Cooper James Bond 007 is the best companion and such a wonderful disposition. Wherever we go everyone is so impressed with his beauty and temperament.  

When you sent him home with us you gave us a pieced of his birthing blanket. He still plays with his baby blanket and is just tickled to show you how he can shake it and be goofy J. He loves to play in the water and is a happy happy pup.

My wife says he is spoiled, but I think she buys more treats and toys than I ever would. He goes everywhere in the truck with me and is a perfect travel buddy.

Thank you again for providing such a wonderful addition to our family.

All the best,

I just wanted to say thank you for breeding such amazing dogs! My dog Oakley is from your March 2016 Greta and Gunner litter.  He is the most loyal and loving creature.  Oakley is a big goofy puppy even at the age of almost 3 years.  He is always the top dog in his training classes and is sometimes too smart for his own good! He is my best friend and he makes everyday better, so thank you for breeding sound and healthy German Shepherds.
Annalyse G.

Willow at 3 month old.

Annie & Gunner Puppies

 Hi Sharon                                                                                                                                                                           May   2016        

Charlie is growing fast and doing great.

Has become best friends with our lab Maiya . Her first vet appt went great. They were very impressed with all her paperwork and how healthy she was.  Julie

Greta & Gunner pup

Sure am happy with this pup Sharon. Thank you! Amalga has become a great addition to our family.
This was her first camping trip in

Juneau. Alaska

2nd picture Amalga at 1 yr old

Willow at 8 weeks old with her mom Remi

We have had Aries home for a week now and he is adjusting nicely. Xena (Greta & Gunner Nov ’14) and Aries (Remi & Gunner July ’15)  are becoming fast friends.
 I was concerned about them playing together since Xena is 50 lbs. bigger than Aries, but as you can see Aries, who is 9 weeks old,  can hold his own against Xena, who is 10 months old.  Xena lets him win of course.
Thank you for raising such gentle family friendly shepherds.  
The Wolf Family

Hi Sharon,
Finally checking in with you about our pup from Greta & Gunner's May
1st litter. We named her Deja and she's more than we even expected. Just had her
first vet check and everything was perfect.She even fell asleep in the exam room
waiting for the vet. Obviously not worried about new places. Our vet was
especially pleased with how accurate your worming and vaccine schedule was. Deja
weighed in at just over 26 pounds at 3 months. She must be going through another
growing stage because she's hungry all the time. We couldn't be happier with how
smart and attentive she is with everything we're teaching. She sits, down,
stays, and walks on leash without tugging. Even sits patiently when I'm fixing
her food. A very independent and inquisitve girl though, so glad she's easy and
willing to train. After her next vaccine I plan to enroll her in puppy class.
We'll let you know how that goes. I'll send pictures of what a pretty girl she
is as soon as I figure out how to do that with emails. Love her so much and
thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.
Thank you Sharon for your continued support….it really means a lot to me
Hi Sharon                                                                                                                                     July 2014

 My vet had the nicest compliment for Ruger today. She said " This is the way a German Shepherd is suppose to be"Made me happy : ) thought you'd like to know !

Rugers new mom
Hi Sharon-
we wanted to send you some pic's of luther! the one of earl & luther was taken about a month ago. we are having so much fun with him. he started obedient classes last week. we are happy to have found your website when we decided to get a german shepherd, he's awsome! thank you for doing what you do!
                      Earl & Marisa

( 10-31-08 )  Bullet & Miika Litter

Hello Sharon,

I hope that you are well. I just wanted to update you on the beautiful puppy we bought a couple of years ago from you. She has become a full grown dog with a wonderful personality. Extremely disciplined and very protective of all of us. We love her. Here are some pictures of our little Tala. Hope that all is well.

Sincerely,  Jorge
Hi there,
We got one of your puppies from your Oct 31, 2008,Miika & Bullet's litter. We thought you might want to see a current photo of him. His name is Boomer and he's a wonderful addition to our family. He's quite naughty, and quite spoiled. He loves his soccer balls and walks, and loves to play with his doggie buddies at the dog park 2-3x a week. Our kids absolutely adore him and we're so thankful that you bred dogs with such a kind temperament. He's never shown even the slightest bit of aggression and is great with little kids and dogs of all sizes.
Thanks so much. Hope all is well with you. We recommend your dogs to anyone who compliments our beautiful boy.

:)Becky and Dan
Monroe, WA


Hey Sharon,                                                                                                                                                          3/10/2010
Just giving you an update on the pup! We named him "King" and he is growing bigger every day! He learned to go to the door and sit within two days and didn't have any accidents for almost a week. But in the last few days he's had two pottys right by the door but its been our fault each time because we didn't notice him walk over there. So far he knows how to sit, lay down, stay and come. Stay and come are still hard for him, as his attention span isn't very long! We all love him so much, he's SO SO smart and loves to cuddle and loves to be around us. King and Marley, our other dog, love to play and I can tell they are going to be best friends! What's funny is King's paws are bigger than Marley's! I thought that was pretty funny. But I just wanted to thank you for breeding awesome dogs and bettering the breed. King is going to be our best friend, our family member, and our protector. I can't wait for more memories with King!! Thanks again Sharon, you're breeding program is the best of the best! Good luck with your new litters! I will definitely recommend your ranch to anyone looking for a new family member! 
Hi there:

I adopted one of your puppies from your January 2010 litter. I named her Kailani. I just wanted to write and thank you for giving me one of the biggest joys in my life!

Kailani is funny, gorgeous, spirited, and she loves me so much! Looking into her big brown eyes is one of the best parts of my days. She constantly makes me and my housemates laugh, and she’s brought some new life into our home. Our two dogs Mars and Cheyenne love to play with her, and Cheyenne took to her the very first day she came home! I think it was her mother’s instincts. Mars took a little more time to warm up to her, but now he loves playing with her all the time! They love to play keep-away with their rubber balls, or just wrestle around in the back yard.

Just like Remi, Kailani loves to  chew on her sticks/logs. She has one right now that is about 6 feet long, but I guarantee she’ll bring that log down to size in no time! Like her dad Bullet, Kailani is always getting compliments on how wonderful her personality is. Every time I’ve taken her to the vet they’ve commented on how calm she is, even when she’s getting her vaccines! I didn’t mean to write an essay to you, but I can’t even begin to describe to you how happy my puppy has made me. She’s filled a void in my life that I didn’t know existed until she arrived. While she’s changing so much every day, the same thing that made me fall in love with her continues to make me love her more and more every day. She looks into my eyes and I can see so much love and warmth there. It’s amazing. 

I’ll send you pictures of my little girl very soon. She’s grown so much it boggles my mind!

Best of luck to you and your family in continuing to breed and raise beautiful, wonderful companions.

I know that I am so happy with mine, I tell anyone who asks about Kailani exactly where I got her.


Hi Sharon,
This is Dillon, out of your October 2008 litter of Miika and Bullet. He is the
most gentle, social, and beautiful German Shepherd we have ever owned. He brings
us the morning paper, plays hide and go seek with the  neighborhood kids, rolls
over and plays dead on command. We can't thank you enough for breeding such
wonderful, sound German Shepherds. When we have him out in public, people always
inquire as to where we found him.

Feel free to pass our name and number along as a reference.


Sandy & Richard Paige

P.S. He has healed my heart.

Annie & Gunner pup 6 weeks old.

Hi Sharon                                                                                                                 April,19,2016

Yesterday I lost a family member a friend after 14 years and 3 days.

Rex was my best buddy.

Always there for me always protective of me and being sure

I always felt his love

. He was a giant 120 pounds lover.

He served on the Search and Rescue Team for years.
I know when my time comes I will see him again and have a great times as always.
I'm so lucky to live in a time when he was able to be my dog.
I will miss you forever and think of you always. Rest my friend and have fun in doggy heaven.
See you one day. I love you.


Mikka & Bullet puppy

Greta & Gunner pup

Best dog we’ve ever owned.  Regards- Kurt & Linda

Willow at 6 weeks old

                                                                                                                               Jan. 2017
Lexi is doing great...she went into heat 6 months to the day as you predicted..we are finishing obedience 2 this week and she started nose work which she loves. She has the most loving calm temperament and everywhere we go people ask us where she came from. She gets to go to work and meets lots of new people. She is a great dog and we are so happy to have her. Thank you

Remi & Gunner pup