Hi Sharon                                                                                                                        April 2016

He is doing awesomely !! Barron came back from training a different dog...
We can't thank you enough....
 He comes when called and he lets us take food from ..
We are so Thankful for you !!!!   
( Barron is a bloodhound that had aggression issues and would not come when called)
From Grants Pass Oregon       

Good morning, Sharon.                                                                                                                    Feb. 2016

Bella had to go to the vet for boosters yesterday.  The staff were so impressed at how well behaved Bella was.

 They kept commenting on how she was a much different dog.  She was so good!  She is definitely much calmer.
Thanks. ~Lou


Hi Sharon,                                                                                                                                            12-29-15
I want to Thank You for taking Manitok into you home and giving us tools to help us live in peace and harmony. I can not tell you how wonderful it is to feel at ease when he is outside doing his Manitok thing. I am so happy to give him his freedom back so he can run and play in his yard and go for walks so we can release some of that ever abundant energy. I Thank You for giving me the confidence that I need to I feel comfortable in being firm with him. He has been so respectful and has not challenged a single command or correction.
Here is some of our progress: He is respecting his boundaries incredibly well and I am feeling confident that he is going to do well with the invisible fencing. He received one (level 5) correction from the electronic fence on his first day home and has not tested it since. He immediately recalls to me when the Terrier next door is at the fence line. We were able to receive the neighbor (the terriers owner) that he nipped at, into my home. Manitok's body language is very tense in this persons presence but he respected my command to sit in the foyer and eventually relaxed and laid down.  He is an angel when we are walking and holds his heel Like a Boss! Manitok is still on guard and has received corrections when the Retrievers rush the fence as we pass by on the way out of the driveway but oddly enough he can ignore them when we return. I love the work you did with his recall!!! Both he and the Pap come a running when I whistle. That is so Awesome! We will continue to work on his Stay. He can hold an extended stay inside but has a difficult time holding it outside. We have been practicing at the thresh-hold of my garage door with the door open where the electronic fence will pop him if he decides to upright bolt on me (he has not), when he breaks I just replace him to his spot and leave our session when he is successful. Please tell me if this is not a good approach.
I am just so happy with all the work you did with him and I am truly amazed by your skills and ability to provide a

firm foundation for us to build upon. Manitok, Coco and I will be forever grateful for all of your time and effort. 
P.S. Please give Miss Greta a good belly rub for me, and Thank her for her hard work too.
Again, I Thank You,


Oct 2015
I am interested in enrolling my dog, Dottie, into your training/Rehabilition camp. 

Dottie is a 60lb female pitbull.  She has a "sister" Great Dane and about 2.5 yrs ago they had a fight and have not been

able to get along since.
After 3 weeks in Rehab. and back home.
Dottie is trusting Helo enough for cuddles! There doing really good.


March 23,2015


Thanks for all your help.  Your training has made such a tremendous difference in them. 

They are actually a pleasure to have around now and that definitely was not the case three weeks ago.  : )

Thanks for the training--it's been a real Godsend! 


Jan. 2015

Hi Sharon, I just wanted to give to an update on Rasha.  She has really turned around!!! 

Rasha and Koda are together all the time now and she is a new dog!! 

She is so calm and so much more easy going.  She dosen't seem like an "Alpha" anymore! 
I want to thank you again for your magical ways that you had with Rasha.

Nov. 2014

Hi Sharon,
Thanks again for taking Buster in and training him. 

He's been so much better on the leash and at greeting new dogs.


Oct. 25, 2014

Hi Sharon,   Madi is still doing just great.  I cannot believe the difference.  It really seems like her behavioral change has most stemmed from her finally understanding how to be part of a pack (and family).  Because of this, we've found we can liberalize her freedom and playtime, so the extra exercise has also really helped.  Thanks so much for all the work you did with her.  We are so appreciative.

Mon, Jul 14, 2014
Hi Sharon, Sully is a different dog since being at your ranch. He's much calmer and no longer barks at other dogs or people. I've made sure to follow your training tips on walking him and draining his energy so that he continues stay calm and listen. Thank you for everything once again. Judy ************************************************************************************************
     March 2013
I hope you had as much satisfaction today as Stephen and I. We are so happy we found you. Your experience with the
dogs was so fascinating, and we learned so much. We are going to follow your directions and know that we will succeed! I also have your phone number, just in case! Thank you so much Sharon. You are the angel we have been looking for.
Teresa and Stephen
and not to forget, Gunnar, Buck, Alice, Stella, Gretchen (who will appreciate it in the long run!)

Hi Sharon
Just a short note too say Mason is doing great, He sleeps in his crate every night without us saying anything. And has been great walking playing and exercising . And he hasn't chewed anything. Listening well. The first night we got home when we went too bed he just went into his crate to our surprise.
Thank You so much for helping him and us. Deb and John

(Mason is the boxer in the middle with a big smile. Hated his crate before boot camp, was aggressive with other dogs)

Hi Sharon,
Bullseye is still doing really great!! He has not jumped on anyone yet and that was my most important item on my list for him.

As you may remember, my husband is a mechanic, so we have many people coming and going.

Everyone comments how much calmer he is and better at greeting and listening - something I could not get him to do on my own.

Thank you soooo very much!  I have amped up my enthusiasm and praise when giving him commands -

per your suggestion - and Bullseye is responding much better too.
Bullseye must have allergies. I did as you directed with the Benedryl and we are continuing with the

meat and organic vinegar everyday. His eyes and ears are all cleared up. He went swimming for

two straight hours last evening, and since I had forgotten to clean out his ears and put Bag Balm on them,

I was scared to look in his ears this morning. They are not even pink. 
If there is anything I can do to put out a good word for you, please let me know. 
You are soooo appreciated!!
Thank you so very much, again, Bonnie


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Hi Sharon                                                                                                                                                                                                                             April 2017

I just wanted to thank you again for the improvements we have seen in Roxy. Her behaviors on and off the leash are so good. I trust her at the dog park, we have a collar on her, we barely need to use it when we are out. when I'm running the track she will run right next to me at my pace off leash. I would like to know when we get another puppy will she transfer her submissive shy behaviors to them? She doesn't bark at our company anymore she still won't approach them and often walks with her head down.

Thanks again for all of your help with her. She is a different dog for sure.